complector or conplector

complector or conplector
   complector or conplector plexus, ī, dep.    [PARC-, PLEC-], to clasp, embrace, grasp: mulierem, T.: patrem: nepotes, V.: dextram euntis, V.: pedes, V.: membra lacertis, O.: inter nos: inter se, L.: Te comitem, V. — To grasp, clasp, seize, encircle, surround, compass, enclose: (vitis) claviculis quicquid est nacta complectitur: amaracus illum Floribus conplectitur, V.: spatium, to include (in fortifications), Cs.: Ruris quantum aratro Conplecti posses, i. e. plough around, O.: quoad stans complecti posset, grapple, N.: dextrā hostem, V.—Fig., of sleep, to seize upon, enfold: sopor complectitur artūs, V.: me somnus.—To grasp mentally, comprehend, understand: animum cogitatione: alqd: animo: cum conplector animo, reperio, etc.: genus iudiciorum: formam animi, to consider, Ta. — To comprise, express, describe, represent, explain, include, sum up, comprehend: facta oratione: hoc uno complector omnia: causas ipsā sententiā, sum up in the motion itself.— Poet.: est talīs complexa preces, summed up her wishes in, O. — In philos., to draw a conclusion, make an inference, C.—To embrace, value, honor, care for: eum beneficio: te benevolentiā: caritate civīs, L.: cunctam rem p. res tuae gestae complexae sunt, have extended to.—To embrace, include: omnīs omnium caritates patria una complexa est: quo uno maleficio scelera omnia complexa esse videantur.—To seize, lay hold of, take possession of: (philosophiae) vis cum est idoneam complexa naturam.

Latin-English dictionary. 2013.

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